Download Super Bluetooth Hack App for Nokia C3

    Now is available for you as Nokia C3 users, new application compatible for your mobile phone. By download this application, it will make new remarkable changing for your Nokia C3. Here facilitate you who want to download application for your Nokia C3 as free. Download this free application as soon as possible, save to your PC or direct to your phone and install it.
    download Super Bluetooth Hack for Nokia C3

    Super Bluetooth Hack for Nokia C3

    Super Bluetooth hack uses Bluetooth AT commands to access /hack other Bluetooth enabled handsets . You can access others SMS ,contacts make calls ,shut down device etc .Super Bluetooth hack is a Java software . So it works in Nokia ,SonyEricsson , LG ,Samsung and all other phones with Java support.

    Though the name of the software is Bluetooth hack ,it doesn’t perform any kind of hacking .Actually the hacking mode seems to be working only in some low security SonyEricsson phones . In High -end Nokia ,LG ,Samsung  phones ,the target device should accept the incoming Bluetooth connections to make Bluetooth hack work . So first you need to play some tricks to make the targets phone connected to your device ( Just ask him to send a song ).  Later then you can start Bluetooth hacking . With this  program through you can manage other people’s mobile phone at a distance10-15 meters
    download Super Bluetooth hack for Nokia C3
    Super Bluetooth hack for Nokia C3
    What can we do with Super Bluetooth Hack?
    1) Read SMS
    2) disable the phone
    3) Switch-on music
    4) Choose modes (normal, without sound …)
    5) Block Phone
    And much much more……..
    The latest version features the following functions:
    - Informations: display informations about battery, network, sim card
    - Ringing: playing sounds of incoming call, alarm clock…
    - Calls: dialing number, ending a call.
    - Language: change language in phone
    - Keys, Pressed keys: pressing and watching pressed keys
    donwload SuperBluetoothHack for Nokia C3
    SuperBluetoothHack for Nokia C3
    - Contacts
    - Reading SMS
    - Silent mode: turning on or off
    - Phone functionality: turning off the network / phone
    - Hlasitosť zvonenia
    - Alarms:
    - Clock: change date and time
    - Phone locks
    - Clip, Clir
    - Change network operator
    - Java: start, delete java applications
    - Media Player
    - Text
    - SE applications
    - Calendar
    - Keys sound
    - Temperature:
    - Paired devices:
    - Volume
    - Memory status:
    - Radio icon
    - Keylock

    Here provides Download link:

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    Download Super Bluetooth Hack App for Nokia C3

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